PR Internship opportunities to build your PR prowess

Armada Medical Marketing is always seeking out qualified PR interns to gain valuable experience and earn college credit at the same time.

Our agency’s unique capabilities and medical marketing experience make this an ideal situation for the student seeking to build a resume and increase the opportunity for full-time employment in a very challenging job market. Our most motivated interns have gone on to gain full-time positions at our agency and with other agencies and businesses throughout the nation.

The Opportunity: Intern will have an excellent opportunity to learn the public relations process at one of the nation’s most respected specialized medical marketing agencies and strengthen his or her resume and portfolio in preparation for graduation and/or full-time employment.

The Challenge: Intern will assist with the day-to-day activities of the public relations department. Responsibilities include: media database creation and maintenance; marketing research; campaign results measurement; dissemination of press releases, media advisories and other materials. At the supervisor’s discretion, the student may engage in: direct media contact; social media; writing; campaign development; strategic planning; and assisting other members of the public relations and marketing team in successfully planning and implementing public relations campaigns.

The Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate would be a student working toward a B.A. in journalism, mass communications, marketing or public relations. Past public relations, media contact and social media experience will be viewed very favorably. A solid grasp of English grammar, writing and sentence structure is required.

How to Apply: To apply for a public relations internship at our agency, please send an e-mail along with resume and cover letter or e-mail introduction to:

Dan Snyders

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