Healthcare Marketing Is Our Expertise

For us, it has never been about the size of the client or account; it’s all about what we can accomplish together. Companies that hire Armada are typically time-challenged and require much more than the “what do you need?” question posed to them. They are looking for a proactive, capable and responsive team of professionals—not paper pushers. They want assistance in the multiple disciplines of marketing, and need account service that understands the differences between advertising, direct mail, public relations, social media as well as which tactic is right for a given challenge. They want creative solutions that not only grab attention, persuade audiences and overcome objections, they also need them to work within the confines of their legal, compliance and regulatory restrictions.

Office-Based Lab Marketing

Radiology Marketing

Medical Device Marketing

Biomedical Testing

Cancer Treatment

Hospitals, Medical Centers and Specialized Practices

Hospitals, Medical Centers and Specialized Practices

General Health, Dental and Nutrition

Associations and Non-Profits

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