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When healthcare marketing and advertising is needed, Armada clients find that they cannot work with just any agency. It simply takes too long to educate a generalized marketing firm on the many considerations, constraints, regulations and nuances of healthcare marketing. What’s more, not every agency that professes to specialize in healthcare is capable of marketing complex medical technologies or leading-edge services to providers and patients.

We have broad and deep experience in many areas of medicine. Whether you need to sell equipment to hospitals, an implantable device to surgeons, technology to administrators, a diagnostic test or service to referring physicians or you’re targeting consumers directly, chances are we have expertise that’s relevant to your challenge.

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My marketing needs involve: *
Armada is ideally suited for companies who require ongoing assistance in one or more of these areas. It is our combination of services that make us valuable to companies with a variety of needs, and also means that we can objectively recommend the right strategy and tactics for the marketing challenge at hand.
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My company targets: *
We have extensive experience developing campaigns that have effectively targeted each of these groups. However, very few agencies can match our experience in marketing to a broad range of healthcare professionals, physician specialties and patients.
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My product or service is: *
Armada is more ideally suited to the challenges described in option B or C. If your challenge is to build "awareness" only through top-of-mind techniques, most marketing agencies are qualified to assist. But if you need to build brand preference through differentiation, if your product/service requires an educational component, or it is not yet covered by insurance, Armada can help.
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When it comes to working with an agency I prefer: *
If you already have exactly what you need in mind (A), you are best served by a freelance artist or writer. Companies and organizations that hire Armada typically want an alternative or external perspective, along with recommendations based on our experience facing similar challenges.
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I prefer my agency to be: *
Yes, it is possible to achieve both, However, history has shown that many "creative" ideas fly over the heads of apathetic audiences. First and foremost, Armada's goal is to generate the highest return possible on your marketing investment. If we believe this should be accomplished with a highly creative approach, we will recommend it.
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