OBL Marketing Services for vascular and interventional radiology

The MOST EXPEREINCED OBL marketing agency

Don’t be fooled by others who claim to specialize in OBL marketing but who are really just part of general services or digital marketing firm. Armada has launched and/or marketed 17 independent office-based labs, has worked with more than 60 different radiology group/diagnostic imaging providers and specializes exclusively in medical marketing.

The MOST CAPABLE OBL marketing agency

Armada is the only full-service marketing agency serving the OBL and interventional radiology market. Our 3+ decades-long experience in the field have given us a unique perspective, as well as partners that we can call upon to assist you in virtually all non-clinical aspects of running an OBL. And we have experience marketing the breadth of vascular and IR services including vascular and vein treatments, UFE, GAE, PAE, HAE and more.

The MOST COMPREHENSIVE OBL marketing agency

Digital marketing is an important component of new patient development. But so is referring physician marketing and education, social media, traditional media advertising, SEO, directories, community involvement and more. Work with an agency that understands all the marketing angles to achieve sustainable referrals that will grow your business twice as fast and lower your overall patient acquisition costs.

White Papers

On Carpetbaggers, Scalawags and Other Marketing “Partnership” Opportunities for Your OBL

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Our Work

NG Vascular & Vein Center

Vein Services

Memphis Vascular Center

Limb Salvage

Northstar Vascular and Interventional

Precision Therapy

Lakeland Vascular Institute

Limb Salvage Landing Page

Precision IR

Practice Overview Video

Lakeland Vascular Institute

Interventional Oncology

Don’t be the “mouse on the wheel” caught in an endless loop of increasingly expensive patient acquisition costs. Instead, find new patients AND achieve sustainable referrals with a comprehensive Armada OBL Marketing program.

Our services include:

We have strategic partners who offer:

What other marketing firms WON’T tell you…

The proliferation of OBLs in major markets throughout the United States, combined with hospitals and health systems offering the same services, is driving up the cost of patient acquisition (using digital marketing tactics like pay-per-click). Your practice needs an innovative marketing partner capable of growing multiple sales channels and using the best and most cost-effective media available.

Armada’s OBL/interventional radiology clients:

Radiology TV

Educate patients in your waiting room and cross promote services with RadTV! Learn more »

Are you ready to see what Armada can do for your practice? Call us today at 303-623-1190 or visit our contact page.

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