Meet Nick, our Video and Production Manager!

What is your favorite part of your role?

My most enjoyable role with Armada, being an AV nerd, is that it allows me the opportunity to create my own video and sound presentations with purpose. I enjoy splicing together frames to build the ‘feature presentation’ for our clients so to speak. Even though giant fireballs, explosions and visitors from space are not usually called for within the medical community, I enjoy substituting them with all the advanced technology and care our clients give to keep humanity healthy! This combined with the fact that I work within what I consider family rather than a bunch of co-workers makes me very content.

If you could describe your work in one word, what would it be, and why?

Rollercoaster: The ebb and flow of work can be calm and relaxing in one moment and then suddenly realize that loop-the-loop I saw earlier has extra loops in it. Could be a deadline change, project scope doubled or now the 4-minute video has to fit within 30 seconds…somehow. Handling both ends of this spectrum are a blast, you need those jarring situations mixed with the calm to keep things lively!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I consider myself a collector…of all sorts of things. Always looking out for what to collect next! Whether it’s saving a LaserDisc player from the grip of a recycler, marveling at how a record grooves or adding to my always growing light collection (looking at you Mathmos) I love and appreciate what others may view as being junk or old news!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy tinkering and investigating how things work. This usually leads me down a rabbit hole of research, sure I figured out why that eject mechanism is sticking… why am I now on the Titanic Wiki learning about saltwater swimming pools?! Other hobbies include watching the latest movies or the classics for the 143rd time, aggravating my wife and the neighborhood with the stereo, playing video games, feeding my cats all the treats and the go-play-outside adventures that the mountains offer!

What is your most memorable or funny moment during your time at Armada?

When we get together as a group. Whether it be to give charity to the local casinos or a client brainstorming session around lunch. The latter usually ends up in at least one of us wandering off into pop culture discussions or bizarre useless factoids (like the Titanic having a saltwater swimming pool). This usually causes chaos to surrounding thought processes, it’s great. To me that is important to form a cohesive and memorable bond in both personal and professional environments. We are a funny group too, each one of us has pulled off one of those ‘they really just said/did that!’ moments so I don’t think it can be locked down to just one!

Armada exhibits at Texas RBMA as a Platinum Sponsor

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