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There are two main challenges to marketing medicine…first, to distill complex technologies, diagnostics and therapies into simpler, more easily understood messages that connect with audiences. The second is to maintain impactful communication while adhering to the many restrictions and regulations common in the healthcare industry.

That requires two different kinds of creative approaches in every communication. This process of humanizing healthcare is not something every marketing agency can do.

We at Armada Medical Marketing live the challenges of marketing medicine every day. Unlike other agencies that are only peripherally engaged in healthcare, Armada is completely immersed in many disciplines of medicine. Whether you need a flawless clinical campaign targeting providers or an engaging direct-to-consumer initiative, Armada has the experience, marketing know-how and focused creativity needed to improve your odds for success.

We are true specialists, and if you seek a partner that fully understands the magnitude of your challenges, you’ve come to the right place for medical marketing, advertising, public relations, social media and so much more.

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The Death of Internet Explorer

August, 2019


If you haven’t quit Internet Explorer yet, here are 3 reasons to ditch it for good.

At Armada we still have clients asking for websites to be compatible with their old versions of IE. Here are three reasons why that is nearly impossible (from a development standpoint) and why using IE could leave your online data unprotected...

Learn why you should ditch IE for good in our latest blog post >>

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