Volant Health Building Patient Volume

VolantHealth Diagnostics, a hybrid diagnostic and preventive imaging center in Riverside, California, chose Armada to help the company build patient volume from both physician referrals as well as self-referred customers for screening services.

Armada began by tackling the self-referred patient volume issue, completely reorganizing the advertising campaign and launching a new and more cost-effective initiative. Qualified leads increased dramatically. Next, recommendations were made that resulted in a significant improvement in caller conversion. The company’s conversion ratio increased from 11% to more than 45% in just a few weeks.

To attract more physician referrals, Armada developed and mailed a special survey to approximately 1,000 local physicians. These included family and general practitioners, internists, cardiologists and more. Using a complementary coronary calcium score as an incentive, more than 63 surveys were returned. Respondents were interested in the new facility, and the vast majority requested more information and a personal visit.

Voltant card

volant survey


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