Synergy Radiology Associates

This Houston, TX radiology practice has an extensive team of interventional radiology professionals. Some of these doctors specialize in performing less invasive and complimentary cancer treatment therapies for a number of different kinds of cancer. One such therapy, Y-90 resin microspheres, are a selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) used in patients with liver tumors. This treatment has been shown to maximize tumoricidal effects while minimizing the effect on healthy tissue.

Armada helped Synergy to launch the service with the goal of performing two procedures per month. Marketing collateral was developed to support physician liaison outreach in the field. In the first two months of the campaign, the rep was able to achieve 1.5 procedures per month. In the third month, GeoFencing—a location-based advertising technique—was added to the mix. GeoFencing delivers ads “in-app” to the mobile devices of individuals who enter a designated geographic location, such as a doctor’s office or hospital. The Y-90 geofencing campaign for Synergy targeted oncology offices specifically, to encourage a dialog between patient and doctor. The GeoFencing component effectively doubled the number of procedures for the next three months of the campaign and continues to have a positive effect on procedure volume.

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