Invision Sally Jobe Breast Center of Excellence Integrated Marketing Campaign

Invision Sally Jobe (ISJ) is one of the top breast imaging organizations in the world, providing more screening mammograms and breast imaging services than any other independent center network in the United States. While many physicians are aware of this fact, awareness of ISJ as a top breast health organization among female consumers—even their own patients—was surprisingly low.

Armada recommended an integrated marketing campaign to build awareness and preference for ISJ in the Denver market, and attempt to reverse the decline in demand for screening mammograms.

During the fourth quarter of 2009, while most hospitals and independent imaging centers saw their screening mammograms declining dramatically (Source: MarketTech Group), Invision Sally Jobe actually experienced an increase from the previous year. Public relations initiatives were responsible for three broadcast and three newsprint media segments, totaling more than two million impressions.

ISJ pocket folder

ISJ brochure

ISJ public relations

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