Radiology Associates of Hartford Special Event Marketing for Women’s Health

Radiology Associates of Hartford (RAH), a diagnostic imaging center based in Hartford, Connecticut, approached Armada about putting together a women’s health event aimed at promoting early detection of breast cancer and providing additional screening opportunities for women in the Hartford-area community.

Working with RAH’s leadership team, Armada developed a plan for the “Mammothon,” a two-day women’s health event taking place for 26.2 continuous hours and offering mammograms to all women, regardless of insurance coverage. Extra incentives such as food and refreshments, entertainment, pampering services and raffle prizes/giveaways were planned to help fill the time between booked appointments, and to create a relaxed social atmosphere.

More than 60 women attended the Mammothon, with 51 of them receiving their screening mammograms. Ten of the 51 were uninsured and received their mammogram free of charge, thanks to the Charlotte Johnson Hollfelder Foundation, a local organization that maintains a mammography screening fund to subsidize the cost of mammograms for women without insurance. Media relations exposure was also extensive, and included a television interview with RAH radiologist Dr. George Stohr on the local FOX affiliate, as well as coverage of the event in local print media.


RAH mammothon flyer

RAH social mediaRAH mammothon

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